Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is an unofficial consultant for the BHPD - that means, he sneaks onto crime scenes, steals files from his dad’s office and breaks into the evidence locker until he solves the puzzle. No one is particularly thrilled about his behaviour, least of all his father, but the police don’t put much effort into keeping him away since he often provides them with essential clues. However, when one particularly curious case unravels, the FBI sends Derek Hale, a renowned consultant with a rather immaculate track record, everyone tells Stiles to stay away and let the professionals do their job. Since Stiles is incapable of letting things go, they soon engage in a competition and race to solve the murder first that quickly dissolves into a game of innuendos and sexual tension rather than actual animosity, which proves to be rather distracting when they’re supposed to catch a serial killer.